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Add Functionality To Your Garden With The Right Garden Shed

Most well-tended gardens are a source of joy to their owners, but no matter how pleasing their garden is to the eye or how relaxing it is to spend time in, for many, a garden isn't complete without a garden shed.
There are good reasons for this way of thinking. Garden sheds are lasting investments that come with endless gains because they are aesthetically appealing, durable, and easy to assemble. They're also very functional and can serve many purposes. If you're considering erecting a shed in your garden, make sure you know what it's going to be used for.
Choosing your purpose
You may already have an intended use in mind. It could be a convenient storage area for garden tools or bicycles. Alternatively, it could be put to far more interesting and rewarding uses. How about a place to indulge a hobby? Think of the freedom it would offer - your private refuge from the endless distractions of family activity. In fact, a growing number of people are starting to take their sheds a lot more seriously. From model railway enthusiasts to successful authors, these "sheddies" as they've become known often spend more time in their sheds than in their home.
Laying down the Law
Unfortunately, not all family members will see your shed the way that you see it. Rather than the haven of creativity that you know it to be, some will see it as a handy place to dump anything that they have no use for but can't quite bring themselves to throw out. The last thing you want is to enter your shed only to be met with piles of comics, outdated video games and assorted bulky items that have never had any use but that "might come in handy some day". Make it clear from the start that anything that enters without your express permission will be relocated to the rubbish bin with notice. Whatever the intended use of your garden shed, it should be used for that purpose only, and more importantly, it should be designed and furnished with that purpose in mind.
Designing your shed
The intended purpose of your shed will determine most of its features. For example, if it's to be used for storage, how much space will you require? If it's to be used as a workshop or an office, you'll need mains power, heating, efficient lighting, adequate ventilation and maybe even Internet access. If it's to indulge your passion for potted plants, a transparent roof would be an obvious advantage.
In short, know the purpose of your shed, design it accordingly, build it, or have it built, exactly to your specifications, and reap the rewards for many years to come.

January 18, 2015

January trade fairs

For all deco lovers, this is a great time of the year.
Three major trend-trade fairs are bringing together the best of the best. 

Click on the fair's name to visit their site and get their Twitter and photo feeds: 


January 17, 2015

Useful furniture looking like sculpture - affordable (-ish)

Outdoor design often works double duty. 
Designs are chosen to add va-va-voum as well as serving traditional roles.

Frame byVondom.jpg

An example of this is the Stool Frame at Vondom, an architectural work in its own right. Its prismatic lines and its sweet and raw forms both give it a true personality. 
Collection Frame this is symbiotically: their particular forms merge, with which we can play in creating illusions. This outdoor furniture is available in several colour trend. He feels both indoors and outdoors. The design of this stool will delight the articulated front.

Available Colors: 

January 13, 2015

This summer's must have: the humidifier spray by Karcher


Continued from yesterday:

Alongside garden showers, Karcher also offers a range of sprays to keep you cool outdoors.

These too are very affordable as the come in at about 40 GBP

January 12, 2015

Clip-on Outdoor Shower by Karcher - Very affordable

Enjoying the outdoors.

If you are not that into outdoor showers but occasionally feel an urge to get one, this design is for you.

The design by Karcher is very affordable and easy to get via AMAZON (circa 35 GBP).



January 9, 2015

Contemporary design meets shaggy grass roof

Tempted by a Grass Roof Top?

Grasses, due to their rapid transpiration rates, are the best choice for green roofs when you are trying to quickly re-charge a rooftop storm water management system. The grasses also are very efficient at keeping a st.jpg

This 'contemporary design meets shaggy grass roof'  was seen at LANDARCHS's Facebook page and inspired many comments.
We loved one of them because it provided tips into how to make it work in 'real life' as well as the reminder of one key benefit of this option:

Grasses, due to their rapid transpiration rates, are the best choice for green roofs when you are trying to quickly re-charge a rooftop storm water management system. The grasses also are very efficient at keeping a structure cool based on the natural evaporative cooling effect they provide. 

Image: The Light House by W design architecture studio.

January 5, 2015

Parisian chic: an outdoor fireplace.

Adding value to property.

Muuuz magazine has shared an inspiring design seen in Paris.
The result proves how much can be achieved with quite little.

From their site:

Michael Herrman Workshops

This apartment Place de la Madeleine is the result of the reunification of 12 good rooms on two floors. Directed by Michael Herrman Workshops, this duplex project has three bedrooms and retains an authentic character to the image of the pre-Haussmann building in which it is located.

Organized around a large open plan apartment is like a museum preserving the original features limestone stone walls and oak beams that meet the additions of the architect as the floor and glass walls . Playing on transparency, this choice allows to visually connect the parts to each other while opening the space on the outside.

In the center of the apartment is a courtyard open to the sky surrounded by high walls 5m glass. Furnished with a marble fireplace nineteenth, and a ceremonial mirror inserted into a living wall that covers a whole side of the court on 6 meters high, the court takes the appearance of an apartment living room . The interior and exterior design is high contrast but share a blurred boundary through the living wall that juts inward while vegetation seems to move through the glass walls. On the ground, the architect has created continuity between inside and outside, the real tiles extend towards the court in a vinyl coating Bolon the grounds designed especially for  ; Michael Herrman.

Photographs: & nbsp; © Marc Henderson


January 1, 2015

Rethinking Outdoor Kitchens

Adding value to property.

The time has come to think 'second kitchen' rather than the narrower concept of outdoor kitchen.

Technology and materials allow us to design truly plug and plug all season kitchens in Europe where the climate can get rough in winter.

The following real life examples were spotted by DIGSDIGS.

They are great inspirations to go beyond the typical outdoor kitchen looks.
More at:

Rethinking Outdoor Kitchens.jpg
Rethinking Outdoor Kitchens4.jpg

December 31, 2014

Home produced energy: customizable smartflower™ by EDF ENR

Solar panels have been around for some time now. 
Despite progress in the area, they are not known for their design value.

Energy giant EDF ENR has decided to change this by producing radically new and customizable designs. 
This year they kicked of trend with the smartflower™ seen below.

Two versions are available and you can opt for one of eight color options to better suit your needs. 
Available with 'plug and play' smart technology, you can easily control your  flower with your smartphone if you are away.


December 30, 2014

The English Oak Yin Yang Moongate

 Enjoying the outdoors.

We often think of outdoor decor as being part of an outdoor room. In fact, sometimes, outdoor decor is 'out in the wild'.

A great example is this  English Oak  Yin Yang  Moongate found via GARDEN DESIGN US.


Yin Yang Moongate (£945.00 + delivery and installation)

After 28 years as a Head Forester in Dorset, England, Jonathan Steele retired, set up shop and began crafting items for the home and garden out of English Oak. His Yin Yang Moongate combines the English love of gardening with the contemplative nature of Chinese gardens. "The Moongate dates well back in the history of China where, like the full moon it resembles, it played an important part in their cultural philosophy," Steele explains on his website. His freestanding gate is ideal for framing views of your garden or home.

Steele's design consists of twelve segments of thick, hand-shaped English Oak joined together with stainless steel fasteners to form the shape of a circle. Black and white pieces inlaid along the joints represent the Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang. The gate is eight feet in diameter, allowing two people to pass through, and high enough for someone six feet tall to walk under. The bottom portion of the gate must be sunk into a concrete footing to support its weight of nearly a third of a ton. Steele offers delivery across the UK mainland and is willing to arrange delivery to the States for an extra fee.

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